THRIVE in the outdoors

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The outdoor survival class covers essentials to enjoying your time outdoors and having the skills and knowledge to take care of yourself in the event that you are stranded outdoors overnight as well as enhance any camping excursion you may have. We will cover priorities such as creating shelter and staying warm but also wild edibles that you can safely consume no matter where you are and plants you can use to keep a wound clean in case you cut yourself.

Outdoor Survival Class Endorsement

There are many reasons why everyone should learn to not only┬ásurvive but thrive in the outdoors. The skills you will learn give you an overwhelming sense of empowerment and comfort that transcends into your everyday life. You’ll learn how to prioritize your needs and then do hands-on training to learn:

Matchless fire making
Survival plant identification and use
Paracord bracelet making and use
Water purification
Quick camp knots
Campfire tripod and shelter creation
How and why to create a fire barrier
Best practices to stay warm
Mental preparedness for an emergency.

For upcoming Outdoor Thriving Classes, look at the events on the right hand side of the web page or contact Shannon directly to arrange your own training.

Please print out the Liability Waiver, sign and bring to class. Waiver and Release of Liability – Resiliency Training LLC