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Lavendar SoapResiliency Training does classes by request. If the class schedule doesn’t work for your schedule, contact Shannon to create a class just for your group/event. Class options and prices are listed below. There is a minimum of 6 participants required to hold a special class unless agreed upon before the event. Class can  take place at a participant’s house or Resiliency Training located in Greenfield, WI, whichever is preferred. These smaller classes allow participants to gain more one-on-one time with the instructor as well as an opportunity to spend quality time with friends/family members as you learn traditional skills from the past.

LIP BALM CLASS (Minimum Number Required 6) 1.5 hour class

COST: $22 per person. Cost includes 30-35 individual tubes of lip balm created in class with flavor of choice. Tubes can also be sealed in plastic sleeves if they are to be given as gifts. Participants will go home with a great recipe they will easily be able to reproduce at home.

HEALING SALVE CLASS (Minimum Number Required 6) 1.5 – 2 hour class depending on time of year. If weather permits, part of class would be outside to do plant identification.

COST: $22 per person. Cost includes a 1 oz. tin of healing salve created in class. Participants will learn that plants have incredible medicinal properties and have been used for centuries for things such as wounds, cuts, abrasions, and burns. In this class, you will learn how to identify these plants and learn historical uses/interesting facts about these plants.  You will also learn how to harness these chemical constituents by infusing them in olive oil in order to create a healing salve. Finally, class participants will make a healing salve using locally found plants. Participants will also learn about plants that are excellent insect repellents and how use these plants as an effective and safe beg repellent.

BODY BUTTER CLASS (Minimum Number Required 6) 1.5 hour class

COST: $25 per person. Cost includes a 4 oz. container of body butter that each participant can personalize with an essential oil. Participants will learn how to recreate the basic body butter at home.

COLD PROCESS SOAP MAKING CLASS (Minimum Number Required 6) 2 hour class

COST: $30 per person. Cost includes up to 10 bars of soap made in class. Participants will learn how to create a basic batch of soap using tea/water/goat’s milk and combining it with lye and oils as well as how to add color, scent and herbs.

WILD FORAGING (based on seasonal availability) 3 hour class

COST: $45 per person. Cost includes handouts and a wild edible prepared snack. Participants will learn how to identify and process seasonally found locally available wild edibles. Identification of plants as well as when and how to prepare the plants will be discussed. Handouts will be given for nutritional content and medicinal uses of plants.

OUTDOOR SURVIVAL (10:00 am to 4:00 pm)

COST: $65 per person. Cost includes wild foraged item prepared in the field (dependent on season), paracord bracelet, and short term survival instruction. Participants will head into the woods and learn the necessary skills/knowledge to thrive during a short term survival situation. Specific skills include: making a paracord bracelet and using it to tie/lash a debris hut together, create cordage, make a matchless fire, identify edibles and medicinal plants, and water procurement/filtering.

debris hut2