Class Endorsements

Endorsement for the Cold Process Soap Making Class:

“I had such fun last nite (making soap)…..Thanks for a great evening! Will look forward to your newsletters! My best!”
Lorraine AKA Laurie

“Thank you so much!  I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to seeing how the soap looks tonight when I take it out of the cup.  I hope I can take another one of your classes!”

Endorsement for Outdoor Survival and Wild Edible class:

“Thank you so much for bringing your considerable talent to BOW. You are such an accomplished instructor. I would like to take one of your classes!”
Peggy Farrell
Director, Wisconsin and International BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman)

From a home school parent:  “Christian’s comment to me at dinner: Mom, I’m going to spend less time on screens and spend more time outside. Music to my ears!! Thanks, Shannon, for teaching these classes!! (He also wants me to sleep outside in a fort with him tomorrow night! Sarah 

Endorsement for the Survival Plant Identification Class:
“Shannon your class was awesome, I felt so I empowered, not so afraid of getting lost in the woods now, except for the occasional black bear!  I have not conquered my fear of them.  I definitely will look into taking more of your classes. Thanks!”

Endorsement for the Full Day Outdoor Survival Class

“I had a blast and learned a lot. Thank you!”

“Hanna had a great time at your class! She has talked a lot about it already  and was demonstrating things she has learned.”
Hanna’s dad

“When I left this class, I had a very freeing feeling. This class had unleashed an amazing amount of independence and confidence in me. I felt knowledgeable about myself and the world around me, and that is a great feeling! I would urge anyone to take this class, and find a new sense of freedom and a feeling of glorious liberation.”
Hanna (age 16)

Endorsements for the Outdoor Survival Class

“Hey Shannon, I had a blast in the Saturday class… I’m positive you’ll be teaching me again in the near future. Ya make learning fun kiddo.”

“Hi, Shannon, I so enjoyed your class yesterday as you probably know! Thanks again for sharing with us.  I’ll see you for a few more classes week after next!”

Endorsement for the Wild Edible Class

“Shannon, I just wanted you to know how useful I found your wild edibles hike. You have such a comprehensive knowledge about the topics you teach. I am planning on keeping an eye on your upcoming offerings, since I am interested in learning more.
Thanks again,”

Endorsement for Water Purification Class

“I took your water purification class through the Milwaukee Recreation Department and I found it to be very helpful and informational. And to this day, I prefer ONLY filtered water through the water filter you demonstrated and showed us how to make.”
Londan Roohr
UWM college student

Endorsement for Lip Balm Class

“Hi Shannon, I loved the lip balm class!!!  I have already ordered the supplies to make more and plan on having a lip balm making party with my friends!  : )” – Sara

Endorsement for Healing Salve Class

“Hi, just took your wonderful class tonight.  I’m going to infuse something! Wow it is amazing that we just now see these plants  when we look down, they are all around. I will take more classes in the future.”

“Shannon, we LOVED your Healing Salve seminar! The kids can’t wait until August. This is such a useful, fun thing to do as a family. Mark and I learned so much, too!!!”

Endorsement for Ache and Pain Class

“Class was great today. Love your products and presentation. Looking forward to taking more classes.” Chris