Resiliency is being able to be self-reliant in a variety of situations. Growing your own food and herbs is a great way to become more self-reliant but once you venture into this realm, you’ll discover the vast possibilities of the things you can create with those plants. You will also learn about wild edible and medicinal plants. Click here for the Udemy on-line course on wild edible plants. This course will take you through identification of 7 wild edible plants, to harvesting and cooking.

Resiliency Training can teach you how to make your own soap using herbs grown from your garden. You can also learn how to make your own lip balms, body butters, and healing salves. Go to the events page to find a natural body care product making class in a nearby community center or contact Shannon to set up a training that would suit your needs.

I had such fun last nite (making soap)…..Thanks for a great evening!
Will look forward to your newsletters!”
My best
Lorraine AKA Laurie

Calendula Soap

“Thank you so much!  I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to seeing how the soap looks tonight when I take it out of the cup.  I hope I can take another one of your classes!”

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