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Click here for the Udemy Wild Edible Course. This course covers 7 edibles found in Wisconsin and covers identification, harvesting, nutrition and cooking each plant.

Resiliency Training was featured on Fox 6 on January 8th!

Resiliency Training LLC is all about training individuals for outdoor self-reliance and creating homemade DIY body care products.  In this end, we offer a wide range of classes such as outdoor thriving skills where you’ll learn to create an emergency shelter, identify and prepare wild foods, create cordage from the natural environment/paracord bracelet, start a matchless fire and how to be mentally prepared for a short term survival situation. Special classes have also been created to focus specifically on foraging for wild edibles in your yard and neighborhood to add nutrition to your diet. These classes focus on identification as well as how and when to prepare dozens of wild plants that have been used for sustenance and medicine for hundreds of years.

Resiliency Training also teaches how to create your own body care products including soap, healing salves, body butters, lip balms, laundry detergent and deodorant. Shannon teaches at facilities throughout  Wisconsin. If our class schedule doesn’t meet your needs, we can create one just for you or a group. Just give a call to organize your own personalized training.

You can also buy the products that Resiliency Training teaches people how to make! Shannon started teaching how to make soap and that led to a whole line of all natural body care products!

Resiliency Training has partnered with the Girl Scouts of SE Wisconsin as a Community Event Provider to help girl scouts earn badges in the category of Community Events Outdoors. To learn more, click here.

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“Shannon, your class was awesome, I felt so I empowered, not so afraid of getting lost in the woods now, except for the occasional black bear!  I have not conquered my fear of them.  I definitely will look into taking more of your classes.  Thanks, Kathy”